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Is it Time for a Professional Development Retrospective?

With the direction technology is taking our culture as a whole, it has become even more important to offer ongoing professional development opportunities to your faculty and staff. Sometimes, however, professional development only seems to take a forward-looking perspective.


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How to Get Your School to Think and Act Digitally

Not everyone is convinced that a classroom is a place where technology makes sense, and that can be a struggle for administrators who want to move swiftly down a new digital path inside the classroom. If you have challenges convincing your faculty to make the switch, here’s some help.


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The Best #Hashtags for School Administrators to Follow

Following hashtags is a useful (and easy) way to get involved in relevant conversations and to increase your personal brand. Here are just a few of the hashtags that we think school administrators should follow.

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Why School Administrators Should Take an Interest in Twitter

While 140 characters can seem limited, there’s quite a bit of value in a Tweet. The timeliness of a quick post to Twitter is a useful way for just-in-time learning while hashtags make information more digestible. Here are four reasons why every school administrator should take an interest in using Twitter.

Books for Teachers to Read

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“Teacher Books” to Read in 2016 for Fresh Strategies and Resources

Sifting through the abundance of available books can be a huge task, so we’ve done some of that work for you. Check out our list of the books we think every teacher should read this year for a little strategy refresh.


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5 Ways to Make Sure Teachers Don’t Think Your Professional Development Stinks

Professional development isn’t always the most exciting activity for teachers. When it comes to designing PD curriculum, it’s important to keep teachers’ interests in mind to ensure they don’t just go through the motions. If the professional development content isn’t of any value, teachers will walk away from the experience feeling like they’ve wasted their...


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How to Use Technology in Your Faculty Meetings

Do you struggle with active participation in your staff meetings? Do some teachers seem to pay hardly any attention once they arrive? If so, it might be time to incorporate some technology to drive more interaction and interest. Engaging faculty using technology isn’t as hard as you think. Here’s how.

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15 Must-Read Blogs for K12 Administrators

Staying current with the latest edtech is becoming increasingly more challenging. Everything seems to move at such a rapid pace that some products seem to be here today and gone tomorrow. As K-12 administrators, it’s important to remain in the know. To help, here are some of the top blogs to read and participate in...