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Bring Your Own Devices in Schools

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So Many Devices, What Is The Answer?

In 2014, our students are not the same learners that we were. They are the digital generation and have grown up enveloped by technology as a normal part of their daily lives. They live in a multi-device world, where they are continuously connected and can easily access information on-demand through mobile devices. Today it is no…

Gaggle 1:1 Classroom

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Gaggle is a Vehicle for 1:1 Implementation

Gaggle is helping to change the way teachers teach and students learn at Reeds Spring High School. Located in southwest Missouri, Reeds Spring High School (RSHS) rolled out their 1:1 Wolves D.E.N. (Digital Education Network) learning initiative in January of this year. Nearly 650 students in grades 9-12 received devices after months of teacher training…

flipped classroom ipad gaggle

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Flipping the Classroom with Gaggle

Mesquite Independent School District is located in Mesquite, TX just twenty minutes outside of Dallas. With over 39,000 students and 46 campuses, the district believes that “by challenging students with high expectations and a rigorous curriculum, they will excel.” Mesquite ISD joined the Gaggle family in 2011.Their initial goal was to provide students with a…

Don't Google without Gaggle

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“Don’t Google without Gaggle”

Gaggle now offers a complete integration with Google Apps for Education. The Gaggle-Google integration turns Google into a full-featured learning platform designed specifically for the unique requirements of K-12. This new solution combines Gaggle’s proven system for protecting students and a seamless integration of both companies’ productivity tools. With Gaggle, Google can truly be a safe online learning environment for students.

Google Chromebook Integration Gaggle

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Chromebooks in the Classroom… How Do We Implement Them?

“You’d have a hard time getting my iPad away from me. I love using it as much as I love my Chromebook, but for the classroom – at least as we’ve experienced in our district, Chromebook is better suited to our educational goals, especially when you pair it with Gaggle,” said Amy Stanley, Coordinator of…

sharing tablets

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Device Management: Safety, Sharing & Collaboration Solutions

Current trends in education are spurring more and more tablet adoptions in the classroom. Having the technology can be a huge benefit to both students and teachers, as many use cases show heightened engagement and involvement from students. Tablets foster an environment where students can take charge of their own learning, giving teachers better opportunities…

gaggle ipad app

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Back to School with iPads and Gaggle: Capture Learning in Real Time!

In the past, allowing students to use digital photography and video in the classroom meant teachers had to allot time for the retrieval of media, make decisions on where to store that media, and then ensure students could easily access it when needed. This workflow of image and video retrieval could sometimes slow down the…

gaggle ipad app

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The Smart Way to Make the iPad a Perfect Learning Companion

Blended learning is the new craze these days.  Students are immersed in technology in every area of their lives, so why not allow that immersion to happen in the classroom? Having iPads in the classroom creates a more engaging environment that works to peak students’ interest in learning. The iPad give students a unique opportunity…