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Why a Chromebook (or Any New Device) Won’t Make Your Classroom High Tech

Not only are school districts spending a lot of money, but plans to create a high-tech classroom could come to a screeching halt if you don’t identify the potential pitfalls of just putting a netbook on top of a textbook.

Gaggle iOS and Android Apps

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Introducing Gaggle’s New Android and iPhone App

With the release of the Gaggle App for both Android and iPhone, Gaggle is now available on any modern web browser and just about any smartphone or tablet.

These new releases complement Gaggle’s existing iPad app, which has been available and used by students and teachers for years. Districts can now confi dently embrace Bring Your Own Device (BYOD) initiatives knowing that Gaggle can be deployed on any device a student uses.


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The Awkward Conversation about Sexting

Technology plays such a large role in our society that it can be difficult to imagine having any level of control over how children and teens use their mobile devices. Still, there are ways to help redirect the attention of young teens and children who are convinced that sexting is a part of everyday life.

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When Technology Integration Isn’t Effective in the Classroom

Technology brings very unique learning experiences into the classroom, allowing instructors to do things like flipped classroom models and incorporate more knowledge retention rather than the mere regurgitation of materials. Without clear objectives, outcomes and assessment, technology can become an added responsibility for instructors and students with no real advantages for learning.


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Bridging Digital Inequality in Our Schools

Right now, and far too often, devices are forced on the classroom before digital equality exists. While important, it’s really not about the latest and greatest device (which is neither the day after its purchase). Instead, it should be more about what’s on the device that helps facilitate digital equality so that wherever students are, they have equal access to lessons and resources for a personalized learning experience.

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Gaggle’s Next UI

A screen shot of the original Gaggle website shows just how far we’ve come. We realize it’s time for a Gaggle makeover, and it’s coming this summer!


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Blending Skills to Exceed Student Goals

Integrating technology into your curriculum shouldn’t be a daunting task. Adopting a blended learning program that drives higher student performance can be accomplished with tools that you and your students likely are using outside of the classroom. A great place to start is with online file storage. Students can retrieve their previous work and reflect…

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“Grab Gaggle and Let Your Technology Fly!”

“This is going to change everything that we do!” Awed by the range of the Gaggle platform and the fellowship and enthusiasm among the staff working to implement Gaggle, Pete Boudreaux, one of the St. Mary Parish supervisors who attended Gaggle training, couldn’t help but vocalize his enthusiasm. This excitement is coming from a district…