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Ready for Mobilegeddon? Here’s Some Help

Many web hosting providers talk about responsive design and why it’s important. And so are we. Last week, we held a webcast that featured Zineb Ait Bahajji, Google Webmaster Trends Analyst.


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Incorporating Your LMS into Learning Spaces

Although you’re not likely to bring in Italian rugs or French artwork to the classroom, the learning space is a very important aspect of effective teaching. Who knew that interior design could play such a large role in the classroom?


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3 Ways to Help Teachers Feel Comfortable with Technology in the Classroom

No matter how great technology becomes, it can only be as great as the users behind it. Find ways to ensure teachers’ comfort levels are appropriate for fostering successful learning environments. Here’s how to help teachers feel comfortable with technology in the classroom.


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1:1 Computing: Five Critical Questions

Numerous school districts have started one-to-one programs over the past two decades. Despite recent highly publicized reports of serious problems in the implementation of one-to-one programs, providing one computer for each student is still an active program in many districts while it remains a goal for others.


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How to Create an Award-Winning Mobile Learning Program

Proven ways to create a successful mobile learning program were among the topics discussed during the recent Gaggle Webcast, “Implementing Mobile Learning the Right Way.” Attendees learned how to plan for an ongoing digital transition by first focusing on goals and objectives, followed by choosing the right applications and great content.


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3 Ways to Get Tech Newbies on Board with Ed Tech in the Classroom

Technology is no longer a luxury. Frankly, it’s quickly becoming quite ordinary in our lives. Despite this fact, there are still some classrooms where technology is met with much resistance. If you’re wondering how to encourage your faculty to incorporate more technology in the classroom, here are a few places to start.


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Use Tech in the Classroom to Reach the Quiet Students

Student engagement is a huge factor in student success. It’s one of the easiest ways for a teacher to understand which students are grasping the learning concepts and which ones are struggling. Try some of these options as a way to reach the quiet students and watch how the entire class unfolds.


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Managing Behavior in a Tech Classroom

Technology in the classroom stimulates student engagement and success. Edtech has truly changed the game when it comes to how students and teachers spend classroom time. But it’s important to consider the impact technology has on student behavior as well as how to best manage it.