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4 Ways to Use Video to Make Reading Exciting

The amount and level a person reads impacts reading comprehension, expanded vocabulary and even writing skills. If you’re having trouble sparking student interest in reading, consider incorporating video to draw students in and get the more excited.

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Lesson Planning: 6 Ways to Become a Technology Risk-Taker

The impact technology has on student engagement and learning can be immense, but only when technology is used in creative and innovative ways. Here are six simple steps you can take to incorporate technology into your lesson plan in meaningful ways.

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The Biggest Mistakes Teachers Make When Flipping Their Classrooms

There’s more to flipping a classroom than having students watch videos at home and expecting them to participate in thoughtful conversations the next day. If you aren’t careful, your flipped classroom won’t add any more value to you, your students or the learning process.

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8 Ways for Teachers (and Parents) to Use Twitter

Twitter is the fourth most popular social network used by teens. So if you teach young people (or have some in your life), it’s important to understand Twitter and why students spend so much of their time using it.

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5 Reasons Students Want Technology in the Classroom

By empowering student learning with more opportunities for them to communicate with classmates, you’ll soon realize how important technology is in the classroom. These five reasons why students want to learn with technology can help you and your teacher-friends determine the right technology to implement.


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20 Top #ISTE2015 Influencers to Follow on Twitter

We can’t believe that ISTE 2015 is already here! To help stay on top of the many wonderful happenings at ISTE, we’ve published a short list of top influencers on Twitter conversations related to #ISTE2015.


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Put Down the Pen & Paper: Benefits of Note Taking Using Technology

There’s nothing like good ole pen and paper when it’s time to take notes, right? Why are some students not as quick to move from a handy notebook to an app on an iPad or some other mobile device when taking notes? While the beauty of note taking remains in the eye of the beholder, here are some reasons to help students make the switch.


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How Much is Student Safety Worth?

Along with implementing new technology come new concerns about student safety, so when sixth graders at Warsaw Community Schools received Google accounts as part of a 1:1 iPad initiative, district officials knew they needed to do more.