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Still Confused About Blended Learning? Here’s Some Help.

While the definition of blended learning can sometimes vary, here are some consistent themes that can help make the move to delivering online content instruction easier.


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5 Ways to Use Your LMS to Help Students Prepare for a Test

If you’re already using a Learning Management System as a course management tool, you should also consider how it can help students prepare for a test. Here are some different ways that we can up with.


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Tips for Successful Blended Learning (Phase 2: Implementation)

Blended learning starts with a strategic plan. Once the plan is in place, the next step is implementation. Here are some tips to ensure your plan is successful when you’re ready to implement blended learning inside your classrooms.


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Shedding Pounds with a Paperless Diet

Many New Year’s resolutions are still going strong even as we near the end of the first quarter. What if you could shed a few pounds by simply following a paperless diet? The weight won’t come off your body, but it can make you feel great. Here are a few ways you can drop the...


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Starting a Student Technology Support Team

If tech support is not a line item in the school budget, the technology plunge might be a scary one. But before you panic, consider starting a student technology team to offset the costs of hiring a full support staff. Implementing a student technology support team can have several benefits, including helping onboard a new...


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Use a Classroom Blog to Engage Parents

As technology takes on a larger role in the classroom, teachers continue to seek for new and creative ways to enable student participation and engagement. But what about the many ways technology can impact parent engagement? Consider using a class blog to get your parents involved. Gather your students and start your blog today.


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1:1 Computing: Five Critical Questions

Numerous school districts have started one-to-one programs over the past two decades. Despite recent highly publicized reports of serious problems in the implementation of one-to-one programs, providing one computer for each student is still an active program in many districts while it remains a goal for others.


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Is it Time to Flip Your Professional Development?

It’s easy to feel bored, overwhelmed, uninterested or not engaged during traditional professional development. If this is happening inside your school, now could be a great time to flip your professional development. Yes, just like flipping your classroom, try flipping your PD!