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Using Your LMS to Support Differentiated Instruction

Today’s classroom is filled with learners with different skill sets, requiring varying levels of attention. But differentiated instruction isn’t always the simplest plan to implement.


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Students Teaching Other Students With Video

While video tutorials can be quite helpful in understanding difficult concepts, what might not be as evident are the benefits of using video for peer-to-peer instruction. Sure, study groups are an age-old learning tool that help students grasp concepts better and allow them to relate more easily to the content. But when you marry that...


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Tips for School Leaders Going Digital

It’s becoming increasingly more difficult to deny the positive impact that technology has on student learning. But no one really wants to be pressured into anything, so here are some tips to keep in mind throughout your digital journey.


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Using Rubrics to Evaluate Student Work

Rubrics allow students to take charge of their work and gives them an idea of the goal they should be reaching to attain. Once you get your rubric in place, watch the power they have on your students, their grades and their improvement.


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Flipped Learning Meets Differentiated Instruction

Teachers continue to cope with the challenges of teaching to multiple learning styles. With the help of technology, personalized learning becomes more realistic while the strategies for advancing personalized learning are more powerful. The result is a magical combination of differentiated instruction and flipped learning.


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Moving Instructional Technology in the Right, and Safe, Direction

Providing a safe forum for students to collaborate and share ideas had been a challenge at Little Rock School District. When moving to Gaggle’s Safe Classroom Learning Management System, Little Rock School District experienced several immediate benefits.


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Vlogging in the Classroom

While blogging has become quite popular in education, it could slowly be taking a back seat to “vlogging,” or more simply, video blogging. Here are a few reasons why you should try to work vlogging into your curriculum.


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Advice for Making a Safe Digital Leap in Your School District

Taking the digital leap can be a very exciting time. But before taking the deep dive, there are some precautions to take to assure student safety.