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Put Down the Pen & Paper: Benefits of Note Taking Using Technology

There’s nothing like good ole pen and paper when it’s time to take notes, right? Why are some students not as quick to move from a handy notebook to an app on an iPad or some other mobile device when taking notes? While the beauty of note taking remains in the eye of the beholder,...


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Overcoming the Summer Slide

As a former teacher, I remember celebrating the arrival of summer as much as my students did. But those summer months looked much different for me than it did for my students. Thus, the infamous “summer slide” would begin. You know the time between the last day of school and the first day of school...


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How Pampa ISD Got Student Email, an LMS and an EdTech Partner

Realizing that the Microsoft Exchange environment being used for staff email wasn’t going to work for students, Pampa Independent School District in Texas needed a safe and reliable way to provide email to all grade levels. In this new case study, learn how Gaggle came to the rescue and has become an extension of the...


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Taking the Stress out of Preparing for Standardized Tests

Standardized tests bring about quite a bit of anxiety for students, parents, teachers and even administrators. These tests can sometimes feel like the bane of an entire school’s existence. But stress will only hinder student performance on standardized tests. Minimizing stress for test day is one of the most important factors for preparing your students...


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Using Your LMS to Reach the Tough Kids

Within just about every class, there’s at least one student present who actually doesn’t seem very present at all. Many educators struggle with the challenge of getting through to the tough kids who can easily become lost. To help, here are some creative ways to reach those students by utilizing tools available in your Learning...

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5 Ways to Teach Reading in a Tech-Obsessed World

While we live in a world where most everyone is obsessed with technology, your students still want to read. These same students want to use technology to practice their story writing or dive deeper into a book they love.


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Incorporating Your LMS into Learning Spaces

Although you’re not likely to bring in Italian rugs or French artwork to the classroom, the learning space is a very important aspect of effective teaching. Who knew that interior design could play such a large role in the classroom?


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3 Ways to Help Teachers Feel Comfortable with Technology in the Classroom

No matter how great technology becomes, it can only be as great as the users behind it. Find ways to ensure teachers’ comfort levels are appropriate for fostering successful learning environments. Here’s how to help teachers feel comfortable with technology in the classroom.