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4 Ways to Use Video to Make Reading Exciting

The amount and level a person reads impacts reading comprehension, expanded vocabulary and even writing skills. If you’re having trouble sparking student interest in reading, consider incorporating video to draw students in and get the more excited.

K-12 Safe Learning Management System

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A Principal’s Guide to Using an LMS

Without the right strategies in place, most edtech—whether free or paid—is underused in K12 schools. Implementing a learning management system (LMS) is no different. We’ve created a new ebook to help you increase user adoption of your LMS and to help ensure that your learning management system is safe for teachers and students to use.

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Lesson Planning: 6 Ways to Become a Technology Risk-Taker

The impact technology has on student engagement and learning can be immense, but only when technology is used in creative and innovative ways. Here are six simple steps you can take to incorporate technology into your lesson plan in meaningful ways.

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The Biggest Mistakes Teachers Make When Flipping Their Classrooms

There’s more to flipping a classroom than having students watch videos at home and expecting them to participate in thoughtful conversations the next day. If you aren’t careful, your flipped classroom won’t add any more value to you, your students or the learning process.

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4 Ideas to Bring Book Reports Back to Life with Technology

Book reports don’t have to be things of the past. They just need a refresher to bring them back to life. Adding a few digital elements can bring more excitement to both reading and writing.

Learning Management System Toolkit for Teachers

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LMS Toolkit: Tips for Effectively Using a Learning Management System

Many school districts purchase a Learning Management System to create, deliver and manage learning. Rediscover these tips, tricks, guides and other resources dedicated to effectively implementing a Learning Management System.

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5 Reasons Students Want Technology in the Classroom

By empowering student learning with more opportunities for them to communicate with classmates, you’ll soon realize how important technology is in the classroom. These five reasons why students want to learn with technology can help you and your teacher-friends determine the right technology to implement.

paperless grading

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3 Tips to be Successful With Paperless Grading

With the introduction of Workspaces within the Safe Classroom LMS, teachers can now easily create, assign, collect and score digital worksheets and align questions to state standards. Whether you’re new to paperless grading or have experience using another tool, here are three tips to keep in mind.