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Increase Reading Comprehension with Student Blogs

As students continue to progress through school, reading materials become increasingly more difficult while comprehension can decline. There’s a variety of theories and techniques to address reading comprehension at the K-12 level with blogs being one of the latest tactics to consider.

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How Students’ Digital Footprints Can Affect Them Long After They Leave Your School

Digital citizenship lessons often focus on Internet safety, online predators and cyberbullying. While those conversations are vital, students need always to be aware of what they do online and how their posts, photos and comments can impact them beyond their K-12 years. Here are just five ways that students’ digital footprints can impact them long...

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LMS + Cyber Days: The New Snow Day

States, districts and schools are increasingly exploring the idea of engaging students during at-home snow days, by offering “cyber days” or “flexible instruction days” when kids can’t make it into their classrooms. Here are some ways to take advantage of your LMS on cyber days.


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How to Empower Teachers to Build a Culture of Innovation with Technology

Making groundbreaking changes in the classroom is much easier than in the past. Ideally, students take charge in such a way that they help their teachers reimagine the classroom and education as a whole. But to get started, you have to empower your teachers and not just plop new technology on their desks.


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5 Reasons to Replace Your School Newsletter with a Blog

Whether it’s sharing report card dates, holiday performances or parent-teacher conferences, there’s plenty of information that has to be disseminated to parents. Oftentimes, the preferred method is a school newsletter. And while newsletters have served their purpose quite well in the past, it’s time to consider using a blog instead.


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Teaching Comprehension Strategies Through Video

While the use of video has become increasingly popular in education, students can still struggle with comprehension. Teach Thought, a learning brand dedicated to empowering teachers, offers a useful sequence of steps for students to take to enhance their comprehension strategies while watching videos.

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15 Must-Read Blogs for K12 Administrators

Staying current with the latest edtech is becoming increasingly more challenging. Everything seems to move at such a rapid pace that some products seem to be here today and gone tomorrow. As K-12 administrators, it’s important to remain in the know. To help, here are some of the top blogs to read and participate in...


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6 Exciting Ways to Use Technology to Engage Your Students

Engaging students of any age is often easier said than done. Still, when you engage students, it’s much simpler for them to carve out their learning paths towards knowledge retention. Here are six ways to keep your students engaged.