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Archiving & Backup
Understanding Private Accounts in Your School District’s Email Archive

Switching to a free email archiving solution, such as Google Vault, might sound appealing, but the inability to create Private Accounts should be considered as one big reason not to make the move.


Archiving & Backup
Moving Email to the Cloud Saves School District Time and Money

Is your district’s staff email solution out of date, leading to higher than expected maintenance costs and unnecessary time troubleshooting, updating software and creating backups?


Archiving & Backup
Addressing Schools’ Concerns About Moving Email to the Cloud

After moving its email to the cloud, St. Charles Community Unit School District 303 needed a way to add some district controls around how messages were filtered, monitored and archived.


Archiving & Backup
Shedding Pounds with a Paperless Diet

Many New Year’s resolutions are still going strong even as we near the end of the first quarter. What if you could shed a few pounds by simply following a paperless diet? The weight won’t come off your body, but it can make you feel great. Here are a few ways you can drop the weight in your purse or your backpack.


Archiving & Backup
Why Archiving Makes Sense Now More Than Ever

School district technologists who need help understanding reasons to archive email and other electronic data can find answers to many of their questions in a new white paper, “Why Archiving Makes Sense: Key Drivers & Proactive Benefits to Help Justify an Archiving Solution,” published by Osterman Research.


Archiving & Backup
Email Archiving and Your Intellectual Property

Choosing to archive your email could be one of the most important decisions you make. If your intellectual property is important to your school district, then an email archive should be a top priority. What happens to your district’s intellectual property if your email correspondence isn’t protected by something like an email archive?

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Archiving & Backup
Using Your School District’s Email Archive to Manage Risk

While an email archive primarily exists to help school districts in legal proceedings around discoverable evidence, other ways to get more value from it is to identify, analyze and prioritize potential risks as well as uncover concepts or topics that could lead to negative exposure or publicity.

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Archiving & Backup
3 Facts About eDiscovery You Might Not Know

eDiscovery has been a topic of conversation for quite some now. And having that information as accessible as it is in the blogosphere can lead you to believe that you know all you need to know about eDiscovery. There’s an old saying that “what you don’t know can’t hurt you,” but that can get you in a tough spot in the event litigation arises for your school system.


Archiving & Backup
How to Use Your Email Archive for Curriculum Development

Sitting in your email archive is an amazing amount of information. And with many school districts looking for ways to create their own curriculum, you could be using your archive as an incredible resource.