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Archiving & Backup
Why Accessibility and Support are Important to Your K12 Archiving Solution

I’m amazed at how rarely accessibility and support are asked about when I talk to schools and districts interested in an archiving solution. These two often-overlooked items should be an important part of any decision-making process when choosing a vendor to archive your email, documents and other files.


Archiving & Backup
How to Migrate Your Student or Staff Email to a New Provider

Moving your student or staff email from one provider to another is inevitable. Along with this big project comes even greater concerns, such as who will do the work and when, how to reduce the amount of downtime and provide users uninterrupted access to email services, how to assure you retain inbox integrity, and training users on the new platform.


Archiving & Backup
The Case For Backing Up Your Calendars

While you might not think that data from online calendars need to be part of your archive or backup strategy, there are good reasons to do so. Consider these four points when deciding whether or not your retention policy will include data from staff calendars.


Archiving & Backup
How Microsoft Exchange Falls Short as an Archiving Solution

While recent changes to Federal Rules of Civil Procedure (FRCP) complicate the subject of corporate archiving, it’s important to understand where products such as Microsoft Exchange fall short when it comes to retention and other important areas of eDiscovery.


Archiving & Backup
5 Reasons Why Google Vault is Not a True Archive

If you’re a G Suite for Education user who thinks that Vault will fulfill all of your eDiscovery and compliance needs, you might want to reconsider.


Archiving & Backup
Is eDiscovery Missing from Your Email Archive?

For eDiscovery purposes, there are specific requirements that will move you away from owning just a backup to implementing a hassle-free archiving solution as part of a smart information governance strategy. Here are four ways you can be sure that you have an archive, instead of just a backup, which can be used for eDiscovery.


Archiving & Backup
What K12 Archiving Features Matter Most?

What archiving features matter most for schools and districts will assuredly vary, because you have unique circumstances, needs and requirements. Even so, this list can be used as a starting point for sorting out what you should consider having, as opposed to what’s simply nice to have.

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Archiving & Backup
Does Your Outsourced EdTech Have High Uptime Guarantees?

Being able to continue to provide services during power failures and network outages doesn’t happen by accident. We’re prepared to deal with these incidents using redundancies and failover mechanisms we design into our systems. Last week we were put to the test, and passed.

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Archiving & Backup
Should You Move Your Email Archive to the Cloud?

The decision to archive your email in the cloud shouldn’t be taken lightly. Like any decision, there are pros and cons to archiving in the cloud or keeping your archive on premise, so before you set your mind on either option, your best bet is to fully evaluate each option based on your specific needs.