The Case For Backing Up Your Calendars

While you might not think that data from online calendars need to be part of your archive or backup strategy, especially for litigation and compliance purposes, there are good reasons to do so.

Consider these four points when deciding whether or not your retention policy will include data from staff calendars.

1-2016Things disappear. For proof, do a quick Google search for “deleted calendar items.” Losing an entire calendar or individual entries can quickly become an epidemic. Whether it’s a full calendar of meetings and events or just one entry, no one likes to manually recreate them when a restore can happen with a couple of mouse clicks.

2-2016User error. Admit it. You have Calendar A, Calendar B and Calendar C, each using its own pretty color. Then, all of a sudden, one of them is gone. Similar to #1, jumping into a simple-to-use interface, finding a backup of the calendar, and restoring it to the user should be easy. Ideally, it should take even less time than it would to read the email or answer the phone call from an upset teacher or administrator.

3-2016Employee turnover. For one of the same reasons that you archive email, when employees leave, it’s not a bad idea to have access to their calendars, even if they deleted them.

Take, for example, a personal experience: I just started working two new states. On my second day, I missed a meeting with a client that was set up by the former territory rep because I didn’t have access to his calendar. (OK, I’ll be honest. It was because I didn’t request access to it.) Once I contacted our internal support team, they granted me permission to view my former colleague’s calendars.

4-2016Sharing calendars. A lot of organizations now have standards in place so everyone that’s part of a team can see where everyone is at and when they’re available. This level of transparency exists in the corporate world and K-12 education. Shared calendars make it much easier to schedule group meetings, and they can also be used to gain insight into an employee’s day or week.

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