Can Your Email Archive Prevent a Teachers Strike or Even Save a Student’s Life?

Most school board policies require technology departments to archive the email of administrators and staff for a specific period of time. IT leaders often ‘check a box’ to be compliant with state and federal regulations, then move on to what seems to be countless other initiatives.

While an email archive is typically reactive—for instance allowing a school district to respond to a Freedom of Information Act (FOIA) request from a concerned parent or an inquisitive journalist—you should start viewing your archive as a proactive solution that helps your schools run smoothly.

Your email archive provides powerful insight. Think about the recent teacher work stoppage in West Virginia. Could the story have been different if school leaders there requested search results for “health insurance” or “strike” months earlier? Occasional searches for “salary” or “layoffs” could stave off staff concerns that lead to adverse press for your school district. Of course, keep in mind any union policies that could come into play here.

Similarly, use your email archive to look for specific instances affecting student safety.

Gaggle Safety Management identifies trends and incidents in real-time, but your archive can dig even deeper. Change the way of thinking inside your school district and use your archive to search for terms like “bullying” or “suicide” to see if there’s something to address. Whether that’s in a specific building or at a particular grade level, what you discover could lead to planning assemblies or directing digital citizenship resources to the right places.

An email archive can be used to stay ahead of the curve when it comes to managing risk at your school district. The tool is there. Are you’re taking advantage of it?


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