Blending Skills to Exceed Student Goals

Integrating technology into your curriculum shouldn’t be a daunting task. Adopting a blended learning program that drives higher student performance can be accomplished with tools that you and your students likely are using outside of the classroom.

A great place to start is with online file storage. Students can retrieve their previous work and reflect on past assignments to promote increased academic understanding. They can also access and attach rubrics or other documents you have shared with them to ensure that they are meeting your guidelines and expectations.

Students can also store images that they’ve captured with their phones or other mobile devices and embed them into their own blog or posts on a classroom blog. Do your students love videos? Have students embed YouTube videos or other media to create blog posts that promote higher-level thinking.

Not yet ready for blogs? Utilize tried-and-true discussion boards with threads that include their images or videos, helping to create interesting conversations outside of the classroom. Topics can be curriculum-focused or be driven by students’ interests or hobbies.

As an educator, you will want to have peace of mind knowing that your students’ content and images are being filtered and monitored. Your students will become so much more engaged in assignments and lessons when they can incorporate media in to their work.

Whatever plans or lessons you will be creating this semester, try increasing your students’ technology skills even if they have mastered “the basics.” Don’t let this semester pass without taking the opportunity to create a higher level of technology integration in your classroom. The year may be half over, but your students’ excitement and engagement can be endless.