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Public Relations Ideas for School Administrators

We all know that good public relations is a great way to bring positive attention to a school or district. But we also know that finding the funding and time to commit to a PR campaign is often not easy to do. Still, there are some very creative ways to address public relations for your...


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How to Use Technology in Your Faculty Meetings

Do you struggle with active participation in your staff meetings? Do some teachers seem to pay hardly any attention once they arrive? If so, it might be time to incorporate some technology to drive more interaction and interest. Engaging faculty using technology isn’t as hard as you think. Here’s how.

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6 Great Websites for Educators Using iPads in the Classroom

Tailoring your curriculum to include devices such as iPads can have a positive impact on student engagement in the classroom and continued learning outside the classroom. When iPads are integrated effectively, the outcomes can be amazing. Bookmark these websites for some great tips.

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15 Must-Read Blogs for K12 Administrators

Staying current with the latest edtech is becoming increasingly more challenging. Everything seems to move at such a rapid pace that some products seem to be here today and gone tomorrow. As K-12 administrators, it’s important to remain in the know. To help, here are some of the top blogs to read and participate in...


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6 Exciting Ways to Use Technology to Engage Your Students

Engaging students of any age is often easier said than done. Still, when you engage students, it’s much simpler for them to carve out their learning paths towards knowledge retention. Here are six ways to keep your students engaged.


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The Do’s and Don’ts on Your School Website’s Homepage

The homepage remains one of most important pieces of real estate on any website. Just look at your analytics for proof. It’s like they most visited and exited page on your website. Your homepage can have a direct impact on enrollment, funding campaigns and the overall perception of your school. Take some cues from these...

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4 Ways to Use Video to Make Reading Exciting

The amount and level a person reads impacts reading comprehension, expanded vocabulary and even writing skills. If you’re having trouble sparking student interest in reading, consider incorporating video to draw students in and get the more excited.

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Why Role Playing Should be Part of Your Digital Citizenship Curriculum

Lessons in Digital Citizenship should incorporate not only the rules of engagement but the consequences for foul play. While it’s extremely important for students to know the risks associated with cyberbullying, communicating with strangers and sharing passwords, role playing is another fairly new risky behavior worth including in your digital citizenship lessons.

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Why Responsive Web Design Isn’t Going Away

Most of us love having fingertip access on our smartphones to email, banking, games and even schoolwork. Organizations and businesses of all shapes and sizes continue to pay close attention to how their websites work on mobile devices. And your school or district is no different.