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LMS School Snow Days Cyber Days

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LMS + Cyber Days: The New Snow Day

States, districts and schools are increasingly exploring the idea of engaging students during at-home snow days, by offering “cyber days” or “flexible instruction days” when kids can’t make it into their classrooms. Here are some ways to take advantage of your LMS on cyber days.

School Newsletter Ideas

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Goodbye 1996: Why Your School’s PDF Newsletter is Antiquated

Like paper-based school newsletters, PDF newsletters also went out of style quite some time ago. While not as old as a Members Only jacket, if you still create a PDF newsletter, you might want to start thinking about making a digital transformation.

School Administrator Twitter Superintendent

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Why School Administrators Should Take an Interest in Twitter

While 140 characters can seem limited, there’s quite a bit of value in a Tweet. The timeliness of a quick post to Twitter is a useful way for just-in-time learning while hashtags make information more digestible. Here are four reasons why every school administrator should take an interest in using Twitter.


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How to Empower Teachers to Build a Culture of Innovation with Technology

Making groundbreaking changes in the classroom is much easier than in the past. Ideally, students take charge in such a way that they help their teachers reimagine the classroom and education as a whole. But to get started, you have to empower your teachers and not just plop new technology on their desks.

Books for Teachers to Read

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“Teacher Books” to Read in 2016 for Fresh Strategies and Resources

Sifting through the abundance of available books can be a huge task, so we’ve done some of that work for you. Check out our list of the books we think every teacher should read this year for a little strategy refresh.


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5 Reasons to Replace Your School Newsletter with a Blog

Whether it’s sharing report card dates, holiday performances or parent-teacher conferences, there’s plenty of information that has to be disseminated to parents. Oftentimes, the preferred method is a school newsletter. And while newsletters have served their purpose quite well in the past, it’s time to consider using a blog instead.


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Teaching Comprehension Strategies Through Video

While the use of video has become increasingly popular in education, students can still struggle with comprehension. Teach Thought, a learning brand dedicated to empowering teachers, offers a useful sequence of steps for students to take to enhance their comprehension strategies while watching videos.


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A Checklist for Selecting the Right School or District Website Provider

Your school or district website is a significant investment in both time and money. Before you start sending out RFPs and getting quotes, use this checklist and you’ll more than likely end up with the perfect provider, and website, for your school.


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5 Ways to Make Sure Teachers Don’t Think Your Professional Development Stinks

Professional development isn’t always the most exciting activity for teachers. When it comes to designing PD curriculum, it’s important to keep teachers’ interests in mind to ensure they don’t just go through the motions. If the professional development content isn’t of any value, teachers will walk away from the experience feeling like they’ve wasted their...