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3 Not-So-Obvious Ways Students Experience Cyberbullying

One of the best ways to combat cyberbullying is to have open conversations with your children and students. To help parents and teachers keep these conversations ongoing and relevant, here are some ways cyberbullying occurs that you might not know existed.

School Web Design Planning

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Why Website Design Plays a Huge Role in How Your School is Perceived

While it might seem that a website is simply a “nice to have,” it plays a much larger role than you think in the success of your school or district.

Social Media School Students Reporters

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5 Ways for Students to Become School Reporters Using Social Media

Encourage students to become school reporters to redirect their social media behavior to something more positive and to increase the social media activity for your school. Here’s how to get started.

reading comprehension computer blogs

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Increase Reading Comprehension with Student Blogs

As students continue to progress through school, reading materials become increasingly more difficult while comprehension can decline. There’s a variety of theories and techniques to address reading comprehension at the K-12 level with blogs being one of the latest tactics to consider.

students news school websites

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5 Tips for Sharing News on Your School Website

Your website is not exempt from being a viable news channel. Your parents and larger school community will also go to your website when that news involves your school or district. Here are some ways to start sharing news on your website.

Student Digital Footprint Photo

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How Students’ Digital Footprints Can Affect Them Long After They Leave Your School

Digital citizenship lessons often focus on Internet safety, online predators and cyberbullying. While those conversations are vital, students need always to be aware of what they do online and how their posts, photos and comments can impact them beyond their K-12 years. Here are just five ways that students’ digital footprints can impact them long after they leave your school.

school website hacked - gaggle reputation management

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How to Keep Your School Website Safe from Hackers

Every few weeks, there’s a story in the news about a hacked school or university website. It might sometimes feel hard to believe, but hackers will attack anyone—and that includes your school.

School Administrator Superintendent Blog

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Why and How Superintendents Should Blog

As a superintendent, you have so much on your plate that writing blogs posts might not be at the top of your to-do list or on the list at all. Here are some reasons why you should blog and ideas on how to get it done.

school public relations media plan

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7 School PR Pros to Follow on Twitter

New generations of parents expect better and faster connections with schools. The way a school handles PR is a serious task. When looking for tips and strategies for handling positive and difficult situations, sometimes its best to take advice from some of your PR peers.