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Should We Be Giving Students a Jackknife?

I get unnerved by the lack of communication from my children’s school and educators about the new technology they are placing in their hands. I’m not against giving them more responsibility as they get older, but as a loving and protective parent, I want to be ahead of the game by preparing them on the...

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Spring Into More Student Engagement During Assessments

As you begin the assessment portion of your school year, we want to remind you that technology can continue to excite and engage students as you prepare to harvest all of this year’s learning. Gaggle’s student learning tools can be used to create innovative review sessions for your students while your time is occupied somewhere...


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The Heartbleed Effect on EdTech

While Gaggle was not vulnerable to Heartbleed, we remained very vigilant to assure your safety. Our team of system administrators and software developers did its part to eliminate any future risks to assure that you and your schools and students remain safe.


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How to Use Your Email Archive for Curriculum Development

Sitting in your email archive is an amazing amount of information. And with many school districts looking for ways to create their own curriculum, you could be using your archive as an incredible resource.


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Parsons District Schools: Making Students Successful in Life and Academics

Parsons District Schools is a rural school system of 1,300 students with a strong mission and vision to make students successful in life and academics. New to Gaggle this school year, Parsons rolled out Gaggle across the district, and added a professional development program to train teachers and staff.


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Why a Chromebook (or Any New Device) Won’t Make Your Classroom High Tech

Not only are school districts spending a lot of money, but plans to create a high-tech classroom could come to a screeching halt if you don’t identify the potential pitfalls of just putting a netbook on top of a textbook.


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Rethinking Your Email Archive

An effective email archive will also help you make data-driven decisions and allow you to get the pulse of your staff on everything from important policy decisions to opinions on the location of the next holiday party, providing much more value to an organization beyond just a cost to comply with eDiscovery or your state’s...


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Need E-Rate Assistance This Weekend or Next Week?

The Schools and Libraries Program (SLD) has announced that the Client Service Bureau (CSB) will be open this weekend from 9 a.m. to 6 p.m. to provide assistance to E-rate applicants. School districts are encouraged not to wait until next Tuesday or Wednesday to file applications, assuming the Form 470 28-day waiting period has expired,...


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4 Considerations When Setting a Retention Policy for Your Email Archive

When district administrators and school boards start looking at an email retention policy, they only look at one part of the equation. By asking yourself these four questions, you should be able to come up with a retention policy that meets the objectives of your entire district.