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What Can School Districts Learn from the IRS’ Lost Email Story?

The recent story about former IRS director Lois Lerner’s lost email reveals another level of risk that most school district administrators don’t contemplate when they’re thinking about email archiving. Sure, there’s eDiscovery and the idea that you should be able to produce electronic documents in case of an investigation or lawsuit, but one of the...


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AT&T Offers $100 Million Grant to Promote Digital Equality

As part of President Obama’s ConnectED Initiative, the grant application is now available online with the first phase applications are due by July 15, 2014. AT&T has partnered with Connected Nation to administer the application process and select schools to participate.

student privacy and safety

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The Differences Between Student Safety and Student Privacy

As I mentioned in my last post, oftentimes, the terms “privacy” and “safety” become interchanged. Now that we’ve better defined privacy, let’s move on to the topic of student safety. A big misconception around safety is to confuse it with security. A secure system isn’t necessarily a safe one for students to use.


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How to Change Contact Info on E-Rate Forms

Now is the time of year when schools and libraries experience change in the staff responsible for completing the annual E-rate forms. Here’s how to change the contact information for E-rate forms, as well as how to change a school or library’s name, mailing address and phone number in the Universal Service Administrative Company (USAC)...


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Student Data Privacy: What You Should Know

Oftentimes, the terms “privacy” and “safety” become interchanged, but they’re really two very distinct concepts, both of which are important to educators. Privacy considerations should be focused on access to data. Who, other than a school district, has access to student data, how is that data used, and for how long?


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Using Technology to Aid in Student Assessment

Traditional student assessment normally comes in the form of multiple choice, short answer and occasionally a written essay or report. These days with technology playing such a large role in education, there are a variety of creative ways to perform student assessment, and by using technology students may even become more engaged in the process.


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With E-Rate Funding Underway, What’s Next?

With last week’s first wave of E-rate funding, totaling over $607 million in Priority 1 services for more than 14,600 applications, school districts are reminded to file Form 486—available under the “Apply Online” section of the Schools and Libraries Program’s (SLD) website—after they receive a funding commitment decision letter (FCDL).


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Top 5 Questions Regarding Waves of E-Rate Funding

Leading up to this week’s announcement from the Schools and Libraries Program about the first wave of funding commitment decision letters (FCDLs) for fiscal year 2014, here are answers to five frequently asks questions about the waves of E-rate funding.

risk management email archiving

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Using Your School District’s Email Archive to Manage Risk

While an email archive primarily exists to help school districts in legal proceedings around discoverable evidence, other ways to get more value from it is to identify, analyze and prioritize potential risks as well as uncover concepts or topics that could lead to negative exposure or publicity.