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Overcoming Password Challenges with Elementary Students

Technology in the classroom almost always means dealing with user accounts and juggling passwords. To say the least, the process of managing passwords can be both frustrating and time consuming for teachers and students. But there is a better way.


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5 Ways for Teachers to Communicate With Parents This Year

Parent communication remains a huge factor for student success. Gone are the days when the telephone was the only way to contact parents. And actually, the telephone is likely no longer parents’ preferred method of communication with a school. For parents who do prefer phone calls, it’s important to respect that request, but for other...


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Use Less Paper and More Tech This School Year

If you’re planning to move towards a paperless classroom this school year, you can get off to a good start by uploading your syllabus, classroom rules, policies and procedures, and all your documents to a safe Learning Management System (LMS). This will certainly cut down on paper costs, but why stop there?


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How the Benefits of Going Paperless Extend to Special Education

Teachers are more than busy. When assigning, grading and returning homework, it can be hard to remember to make copies of students’ work throughout the school year. Switching to a paperless classroom will save time and keep you more organized, and allow you to handle these requests from special educators teachers.


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Why Archiving Makes Sense Now More Than Ever

School district technologists who need help understanding reasons to archive email and other electronic data can find answers to many of their questions in a new white paper, “Why Archiving Makes Sense: Key Drivers & Proactive Benefits to Help Justify an Archiving Solution,” published by Osterman Research.


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Using Blended Learning, Multiple Technologies for Customized Instruction and Assessment

If one of your goals for the new school year is to combine the online delivery of educational content with classroom interaction and live instruction, then you definitely should consider reading a new ebook on the popular topic of blended learning.


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Why School Officials Should Be Aware of Spear Phishing

Have you ever received an email asking for login information? What about asking for your username or social security number? Many people realize that these are scams, but these scams get much more sophisticated. It’s called Phishing, which is an attempt for a malicious individual or individuals to gain private or sensitive information like usernames,...


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Everything My Classroom Needs – All in One Place!

Many teachers and administrators wonder if a certain app or tool would work best for a specific project, or if it’s safe to use at all. But what if the majority of tools needed to safely explore and use technology with students were all in one place?


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Frequently Asked Questions About the Next UI

Over the past few months, a group of power users were busy beta testing the Gaggle Next UI. Thanks to them, we were able to come up with an initial list of Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs) to further assist you in making the transition to the new Gaggle interface.