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5 Ways to Use Your LMS to Help Students Prepare for a Test

If you’re already using a Learning Management System as a course management tool, you should also consider how it can help students prepare for a test. Here are some different ways that we can up with.


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How to Get the Most (and More) From Your School Website

There are countless reasons why your website is now, perhaps more than ever, the face of your school district and must make a positive impression to anyone who visits.


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How to Create an Award-Winning Mobile Learning Program

Proven ways to create a successful mobile learning program were among the topics discussed during the recent Gaggle Webcast, “Implementing Mobile Learning the Right Way.” Attendees learned how to plan for an ongoing digital transition by first focusing on goals and objectives, followed by choosing the right applications and great content.


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Latest Trend in Child Exploitation Revealed

A new trend in child sexual exploitation known as “sextortion” was among the topics discussed during the recent Gaggle Webcast, “Cyber Security in Action: Making Student Safety a Priority,” which featured Peter Johnson, Project Manager for the National Center for Missing and Exploited Children’s (NCMEC) NetSmartz411 program.


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Managing Google Inside Your District

Many schools and districts are considering Google Apps for Education (GAFE) and, more recently, Google Classroom. In fact, during a recent Tech & Learning webinar, “Managing Google Inside Your School District,” 66% of attendees identified themselves as being in a school that uses Google.


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4 Ways Guidance Counselors Can Go Paperless

While many teachers continue to join the digital movement in education, it’s important to include everyone involved in the K-12 experience. Here are some ways for guidance counselors to explore going paperless.


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How to Build a Sound Policy for the Use of Social Media and School Websites

Every school has a website. Most students―and even teachers―are on social media. But a challenge within most school districts still exists: the lack of sound policies for the use of social media and even a school’s own website.


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Using Your Learning Platform to Help Students With Special Needs Plan Ahead

While it can be a challenge to keep any school-aged child on task, students with special needs often present even a greater challenge staying focused and planning ahead so it’s important to utilize tools that can help them succeed. Here are some ways to use your learning platform to help students with special needs stay...


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Harassment and Bullying Discussed by School Attorneys

Not surprising, bullying and harassment were among the many topics discussed last week during the School Law Practice Seminar presented in Denver by the National School Boards Association Council of School Attorneys. Attorney John Borkowski offered four strategies for school districts to protect their students and staff both on and off their campuses.