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5 Tips for Using Google Apps to Go Paperless

Google Apps for Education offers students and teachers the opportunity to create and share without ever picking up pen and paper. As you move towards a paperless classroom with Google Apps, countless hours in the copier room vanish, allowing you to spend more time on teaching and planning.

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8 Excel Tips and Tricks for Teachers and Students

Students and teachers might not need to know how to create extremely complex formulas using Excel, but here are some little-known tricks that could prove quite helpful.


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Student Safety Doesn’t Take the Summer Off

Wisconsin Rapids Public Schools wants to make sure that it’s proactive with online student safety. After deciding to give Gmail accounts to students starting in fifth grade, the district quickly realized that the controls inside Gmail and Google Apps for Education were not enough to ensure the safety of its students.


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Understanding Safety Risks and Removing Obstacles with Google Apps for Education

Unfortunately, inappropriate conversations between students and others are not uncommon throughout Google Apps for Education (GAFE). Not only are students having these conversations, they’re also sending inappropriate pictures of themselves and deleting them afterwards.


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Ready for Mobilegeddon? Here’s Some Help

Many web hosting providers talk about responsive design and why it’s important. And so are we. Last week, we held a webcast that featured Zineb Ait Bahajji, Google Webmaster Trends Analyst.


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Taking the Stress out of Preparing for Standardized Tests

Standardized tests bring about quite a bit of anxiety for students, parents, teachers and even administrators. These tests can sometimes feel like the bane of an entire school’s existence. But stress will only hinder student performance on standardized tests. Minimizing stress for test day is one of the most important factors for preparing your students...


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Discover Ways to Drive Safe Google Apps Adoption in Your School

A recent Gaggle webcast provided attendees new skills to use when implementing Google Apps for Education and discussed the importance of creating a safe online learning environment for students.


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Using Rubrics to Evaluate Student Work

Rubrics allow students to take charge of their work and gives them an idea of the goal they should be reaching to attain. Once you get your rubric in place, watch the power they have on your students, their grades and their improvement.


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The E-Rate Aftermath

We support the mission of the E-Rate program: to connect all of America’s schools and libraries to the best online resources and to facilitate modern learning through improved communications and collaboration. Sometimes, however, the best things in life are not free.