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How Round Rock ISD Stays Focused on Student Safety

Our most recent Success Story highlights the work of Mario De La Rosa, Director of Safety and Security, and others at Round Rock Independent School District. In addition to learning how this Texas school district takes a proactive approach to student safety by breaking down department silos.


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Exclusive Data on Student Safety to be Revealed on Webinar

We’ll reveal the results of the “Speak Up Research Project for Digital Learning” during the Gaggle Webcast, “Do You Know What Your Students Are Doing Online?” next week.


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Saving Students’ Lives: All Part of a Day’s Work

This past summer, no one at Gaggle was surprised when our Safety Management Team started keeping track of the lives it saves by reviewing suspicious content and alerting our school or district emergency contacts to imminent suicide threats. Our latest case study shares one of those stories.


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How Students’ Use of G Suite for Education Can Be a Real Eye-Opener

An increasing number of school districts, like Wayne Township Public Schools in New Jersey, understand the value of both teaching digital citizenship and implementing technology that helps create teachable moments for students who might take a misstep.


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New Cyberbullying Resource Available for Educators, Parents and Students

Whether we’re talking with superintendents, technology directors, police chiefs, parents or even students, a common theme is the need for more resources on understanding and preventing incidents of cyberbullying. To help, we’ve published a new ebook.


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How Junction ISD Keeps Students Safe When Using G Suite for Education

After switching from the Gaggle Safe Learning Management System to G Suite for Education, Junction Independent School District (ISD) in Texas wanted to ensure students were safe using Gmail and Google Drive.


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Understanding Law Enforcement’s Role in Student Online Safety

The role of these individuals was the theme of the Gaggle webcast, “Backpacks, Browsers and Badges: Law Enforcement’s Role in Online Student Safety,” which welcomed Chief Ian Moffett from the Miami-Dade Schools Police Department and Sarah Trimble-Oliver, CIO at Cincinnati Public Schools.


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How to Migrate Your Student or Staff Email to a New Provider

Moving your student or staff email from one provider to another is inevitable. Along with this big project comes even greater concerns, such as who will do the work and when, how to reduce the amount of downtime and provide users uninterrupted access to email services, how to assure you retain inbox integrity, and training users on the new platform.


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How One School District Stays Ahead of the Safety Curve

Unfortunately, this is becoming an all too familiar scenario to us. A school leader wants to stay ahead of the curve when it comes to keeping students safe online, but meets resistance from others.