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13 Reasons Why… Schools & Districts Need Gaggle

I have more than 13 reasons why schools and districts need Gaggle. In fact, I have over 200. The story we all should be talking about is getting students the help they need and celebrating the lives saved.


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What Educators and Parents Should Know About Sexting

About once every day, our Student Safety Representatives discover a student who has sent an inappropriate image or video using their phone. A sexting incident doesn’t make the child a bad person nor does it mean bad parenting. In fact, if mom or dad discovered the content, they could turn to you for help.


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Winter Break: Students Behaving Badly Online

We often see trends long before they become apparent at the school or district level. With the holiday season around the corner and winter break upon us, here are two of the more common situations we consistently observe.


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Student Safety Notification: Students Responding to Ads for Sex on Craigslist

Gaggle’s Student Safety Representatives have noticed a trend of students placing and responding to ads for sex on Craigslist. This trend crosses many geographical areas and socioeconomic backgrounds.


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6 Ways to Stay on Top of What Kids Are Doing Online

Every month, we hear about a new app or website causing problems for children across the country. While keeping track of all of them can seem like an uphill battle, another approach is to investigate how your children are using social media, texting and images in general, not just on specific apps or websites.


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4 Reasons Why Digital Citizenship Belongs in Your Curriculum

Social media has become a big part of our everyday lives, including those of children and teens. At the same time, technology continues to play a major role in the classroom, yet negative consequences like cyberbullying are growing concerns in schools across the country.


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Filtering Google Drive Inside and Outside Your District

Discovering situations where a student is having an inappropriate conversation with another person via Google Drive is a common occurrence. Not only are students having inappropriate conversations, they’re also sending inappropriate pictures of themselves, and then deleting them right afterwards. Here’s some ways to limit students’ Google Drive sharing access.

how to report child pronography

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Suggestions for Schools to Deal with Pornography Issues

Imagine that you are a teacher that has just found pornography on a student’s iPad. Wanting to do the right thing―and with evidence to report the incident―you think that it’s a good idea to use the student’s email address to send the porn from the iPad to your email account because you can’t figure out another way to get file.