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Student Safety and SEL

School districts in Austin, Chicago, Cleveland, Nashville, Oakland and others should be applauded for adopting SEL frameworks. Together, we can make sure that our students participate in a welcoming, participatory and caring climate for learning.     


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Tear Down Your Walled Garden

I don’t believe in a walled garden approach to online student safety. If you build a wall, students will climb over it and dig under it. There are also plenty of troublemakers on the other side of the wall trying to get to our kids. Instead, I want every school to have a garden, or playground, monitored by adults with plenty of open gates.


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4 Important Lessons from 15 Years in EdTech

Last week, during the 2015 CoSN Annual Conference, I participated in the CoSN Camp FailFest where leaders in education shared professional failures in order to see future successes.


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Takeaways from SXSWedu, Congrats Zaption

SXSWedu had lots of heavy-hitting educators, superintendents, deputy superintendents of instruction, CIOs and industry thought leaders. There were also lots of young entrepreneurs full of vision and passion.


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Is a User Name and Password the Modern Day Locker Combo?

Whenever a district or school provides account access owned by the school district, educators have to be clear that there should be no expectations of privacy. Instead, we have to protect students by teaching them digital citizenship and, like a locker number, not take anything for granted.


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YouTube: To Block or Not to Block Shouldn’t Even Be a Question

I shake my head when I hear conversations or even debates about whether or not a district should block direct access to YouTube. While you shouldn’t allow carte blanche access, you no longer have to block YouTube anymore within school walls. GaggleTube allows for safe and fast searching of YouTube videos even when a district blocks YouTube.