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Does Your School Need Digital Citizenship Lessons? The 7 Question Test

When technology and real world experiences clash, as in the case of the selfie stick and crowded places, guidelines or best practices can help keep everybody happy. That’s exactly what “digital citizenship” is: Best practices for technology use.

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5 Ways to Teach Reading in a Tech-Obsessed World

While we live in a world where most everyone is obsessed with technology, your students still want to read. These same students want to use technology to practice their story writing or dive deeper into a book they love.


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1:1 Computing: Five Critical Questions

Numerous school districts have started one-to-one programs over the past two decades. Despite recent highly publicized reports of serious problems in the implementation of one-to-one programs, providing one computer for each student is still an active program in many districts while it remains a goal for others.


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BYOD, 1:1? A Post from a Frustrated Kid

If your school district wants students and teachers to adopt and use more technology, you might want to take some advice from a ninth-grader who shares her recent experience.


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Get Help Applying for Education Grants

Posted on June 24, 2014 by Kevin Hogan The Tech&Learning education grants deadline calendar is published in conjunction with its July special “Money” edition, where the publication examines how educators and schools can find it, save it and spend it.

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Taking Steps Towards Student Data Privacy

The privacy of student data has captured the attention of the education community like no other issue in recent memory. Parents, policymakers, educators and vendors alike agree that existing privacy laws are confusing at best and that actual compliance with those laws can be very difficult.