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5 School Website Design Mistakes

With so many priorities on your to-do list, the school website might get pushed to the back page. If you’re one of those educators who don’t have the time or the team to dedicate to your website, here are five specific areas that you, at least, should always be checking.

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5 Tips for Administrators on How to Write Engaging School Blog Posts

You thought the idea of starting a blog was a good one. You had all the right intentions. But the last time you checked, your most recent post was from more than six months ago. Oops. Try using these tips to ensure that your blog stays up to date and engaging.


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What’s in YOUR Digital Locker?

You probably already know Gaggle’s Digital Locker is a great place to store your own files for access at school and at home. But the Locker is also a great way to distribute information to individuals, an entire class, or to an entire grade level, school, or district. It’s more efficient to share larger files…

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Flipping the Classroom with Gaggle

Mesquite Independent School District is located in Mesquite, TX just twenty minutes outside of Dallas. With over 39,000 students and 46 campuses, the district believes that “by challenging students with high expectations and a rigorous curriculum, they will excel.” Mesquite ISD joined the Gaggle family in 2011.Their initial goal was to provide students with a…


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Bring on the Blogs

Now that the school year is nearly half way over, we know that you and your students have been busy creating and producing all sorts of exciting content. We also know that capturing that content and sharing those ideas can be a challenge. Bulletin boards, open house events and newsletters are some of the ways…


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Progressive Learning: Gaggle Stays After School…or Comes in Early

Long time Gaggle customer Progressive Learning is a mentoring/tutoring program that is available in select schools, offering supplemental educational services either before or after school. Progressive Learning pre-tests students to identify gaps and then spends the duration of the program helping students overcome those gaps. They have a solid track record of success, often able…


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Safely Enhancing Student Learning with Online Learning Tools

While Duyen Blanton, IT Director at Sabine Pass ISD in Texas, knew that Gaggle did email, she didn’t realize Gaggle did so much more. When she started looking for new options for the district’s cloud storage solution, she was surprised to find that Gaggle’s storage solution was up to the challenge. “With Gaggle, we get…

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“Don’t Google without Gaggle”

Gaggle now offers a complete integration with Google Apps for Education. The Gaggle-Google integration turns Google into a full-featured learning platform designed specifically for the unique requirements of K-12. This new solution combines Gaggle’s proven system for protecting students and a seamless integration of both companies’ productivity tools. With Gaggle, Google can truly be a safe online learning environment for students.

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Back to School with iPads and Gaggle: Capture Learning in Real Time!

In the past, allowing students to use digital photography and video in the classroom meant teachers had to allot time for the retrieval of media, make decisions on where to store that media, and then ensure students could easily access it when needed. This workflow of image and video retrieval could sometimes slow down the…