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Google Apps for Education Student Progress Reports

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Google Student Progress Reports Don’t Provide Safety Info

Just in time for the start of the new school year, Google has announced a long-awaited feature that gives parents and guardians access to student report cards, classroom announcements, assignment due dates and other course-centered material.

Positive School Climate

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Does Your Website Reflect a Positive School Climate?

How parents and your entire community perceive your schools is tremendously important. Parents have influence over the overall point of view of the community, government and even their children who attend a school.

Handle Cyberbullying

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How to Handle Cyberbullying This School Year

You can manage instances of cyberbullying at your school or district if the right practices and policies are in place. Here are four exercises that can help you prevent, manage and respond to cyberbullying.


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Words to Watch Out For: Pro-Ana & Pro-Mia

Especially on sites like Tumblr, various bloggers provide recommendations and tips on how to adopt eating disorders as part of a routine lifestyle and how to do so without the knowledge of family and friends.


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Why Office 365’s Safety Options Aren’t Enough to Protect Students

When technology departments begin to implement Office 365, they approach the question of whether or not to restrict student email communications to only users in the school or district. But does prohibiting email use actually protect students?


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3 Reasons Why GAFE’s Safety Features Aren’t Enough to Protect Students

Google allows administrators to flag keywords so they can monitor students’ email messages based on word use. A list of flagged words alone doesn’t protect students as effectively as you might think.


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The Streisand Effect: What’s Your School District Reputation Worth?

When it comes to the public reputation of your school and district, proactive measures are always better than responsive measures. Responsive measures, as the Streisand Effect has demonstrated, have a tendency to exacerbate reputation issues.


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4 Important Questions When Deciding Between Discipline and Teachable Moments

Here are four important questions for reflection, which might help you decide the appropriate course of action, depending on the situation. (Part 3 of 3)


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The Real Differences Between Discipline and Teachable Moments

Both discipline and teachable moments can be helpful. It’s also possible for a disciplinary action to be a teachable moment. (Part 2 of 3)