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Keeping Students Safe Online: Stop Being Scared and Be Prepared

Throughout history, human beings at their best have found ways to be proactive in the face of threats and fears. We are successful when we find ways to be prepared and stop being scared. There are many ways K-12 schools and districts, too, have safeguarded themselves against the threats to online student safety.


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Don’t Be a Luddite, Technology is Here to Stay

It’s clear that modern Luddites persist today, albeit in new forms. Sometimes those of us in K-12 resist the implementation of new technology, making technology out to be some kind of bogeyman. Generally, their core message goes something like this: Technology doesn’t facilitate education; it only gets in the way.


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Why a Bullying Hotline Isn’t Enough

Some schools and districts are now providing students and parents with an anonymous method on their websites to report bullying incidents. This represents one of many steps taken in using technology as a resource to reduce incidents of bullying and harassment.


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Best Practices for Google Organizational Unit (OU) Structures

We’re often asked for best practices on how to set up and manage user accounts in the Google Admin Console. Questions like: What is the most important best practice for those setting up and managing accounts in Google? The answer is simple: Don’t overcomplicate your Organizational Unit (OU) structure.


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G Suite Quarantine Alerts: A Lot Can Happen In 60 Minutes

With G Suite Quarantine Alerts, administrators now have the option to receive notifications hourly for mail quarantines when they occur. But a lot can happen in 60 minutes.


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The Greatest Threat to Student Online Safety

Who do you think poses the greatest threat to online student safety? When asked this question, you might imagine a shady, older, online predator with malicious and abusive intentions—the type of character who shows up at the door on NBC’s “To Catch a Predator.”


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What is a Teacher to a Student?

As a teacher, how you relate to your students is greatly significant. You could possess a vast and varied wellspring of knowledge in comparison to the less learned minds in your classroom. But, as we all know, if you don’t have the respect and trust of your students, you can certainly curb your effectiveness as...

G Suite for Education

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G Suite for Education: What You Need to Know

Google has announced that it is changing Google Apps to G Suite. This move is much more than a simple rebranding, however, in that many new features will be rolled out as a result of the transition.

K-12 Student Safety

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The Cost of K-12 Student Safety

Our primary focus is, and has always been, student safety. Every year, we help schools and districts uncover and intervene in a higher number of threatening situations.