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What You Need to Know About Adding Personal Accounts to Google Classroom

Here are just two concerns regarding Google’s newly added features that allow personal accounts and accounts on separate G Suite for Education domains to have access to your classes.


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The Impact Bullying Has on Absenteeism

Even absenteeism is no longer an entirely effective way for students to avoid bullying. Before the advent of the digital classroom and social media, students could find solace in staying home.


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How to Avoid Fake News Sources When Using G Suite

Here are a few tips that you can use to help your students avoid fake news and attain credible resources when exploring research in G Suite for Education.


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Why Do We Need to Learn This? A Holistic Approach to Education

When am I ever going to use it? Why do we need to learn this? Subjects for which these questions are prompted most are extremely valuable in ways that often get ignored.


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When Did the “Sex Talk” Change to the “Tech Talk”?

Do you remember when “the birds and the bees” were first explained to you? It still might be one of the most intensely uncomfortable situations a child encounters. While the talk remains as necessary today as it is insufferably awkward, a lot has unsurprisingly changed with today’s students.


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Teaching More Thinking Over Production

The reason content-driven teaching and learning is ubiquitous in education is obvious: results and achievements are measurable. What are you doing in your classroom to foster soft skills like digital citizenship, empathy, communication and self-awareness?


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Can You Use Your Email Archive as an Email Backup Solution?

Earlier this year, I wrote a post on the most important archiving features for K12 schools and districts. A colleague quickly pointed out another, often overlooked, feature that can significantly help in cases of emergency.


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Why a Web Filter Isn’t Enough To Keep Your Students Safe

When superintendents, technologists and other educators first hear about Gaggle, they sometimes confuse what we offer with a website content filter. From our point of view, website filters and Gaggle Safety Management are both valuable, but it’s important to acknowledge that they’re very different.


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Education and Brains: Getting the Most from Today’s EdTech

One of the reasons today’s edtech often receives pushback from educators, staff and even students is that we’re sometimes resistant to learning new things. If your brain is already comfortable using certain tools and technology, it will prefer them to new alternatives, because the tools you’re comfortable with provide a path of less (mental) resistance.