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Top 15 Twitter #Education Hashtags

More and more, educators are utilizing networks like Twitter and Facebook, and the use of hashtag searches and chats are a great way to jump right in and join the community. Read more to see the list of our top 15 hashtags for educators.


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Social Network Spotlight: Instagram

Owned by Facebook, Instagram is a social photo sharing website and mobile application that allows users to share photos privately to an approved list of users, or publicly to anyone with an account or link.


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Four Ways to Help Students Build a Personal Brand

Branding should include every aspect of the student, from their presence on social networks and their offline behavior to their physical outward appearance. Instead of approaching the future by considering the different aspects of a person, a centralized brand allows students to focus and create goals for one overall plan.


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Social Network Spotlight: Facebook

Facebook is a social network veteran and, while originally only available to college students, has since opened its doors to many others from grade school students to senior citizens. With over 1 billion monthly active users, it’s important to stay on top of the collection of bells and whistles users can access on Facebook.


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Social Network Spotlight: Tumblr

Tumblr is a microblogging platform owned by Yahoo that allows users to post photos, videos, text and other media created by themselves or “reblogged” from other users. Tumblr embraces adult/mature content.


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Introducing Social Network Spotlight

Comprised of input from Gaggle Safety Management, which includes experts on student communications and interactions online, as well as former educators, Social Network Spotlight is a go-to resource for the pros and cons regarding each social network in addition to Gaggle’s own recommendations and safety ratings.


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Goal Setting – Using Calendars to Help Students Plan for the Future

It’s never too early for students to start planning for the future by setting short- and long-term goals. Goal setting is practiced by everyone from grade school teachers to professional athletes. Setting goals provides motivation and allows students to plan out how they will deal with obstacles that surely will get in their way.

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Top 10 Facebook Pages for Educators

Facebook Pages are a great resource for educational technology professionals to find companies, thought leaders, groups and organizations to share ideas and experiences with peers while expanding industry knowledge and increasing connections.

Gaggle Human Monitoring Service (HMS)

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Safety Management in Action: Staying Aware of School Threats

Multiple students were discussing a threat of violence involving a gun that had been sent over the social networking chat application, Kik. The threat had already been safely dealt with and the school had taken every appropriate measure, but because the students were continuing to discuss the events of the day, Gaggle Student Safety Representative’s...