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Students Using Apps With Only One Purpose… to Hide

Even the most socially-aware and tech-savvy adults can be fooled by kids using apps to hide inappropriate behavior. Apps like KeepSafe, Hide It Pro and KYMS can hide other applications, store hidden folders and contain secret photo albums.

Kik App

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Alarming Videos Sent Through Video Kik App

Kik, as well as its sister app, Video Kik, is a popular tool used for sexting and the sharing of inappropriate photo and video. Recently, we notified a district of a very alarming video requiring immediate attention. This video was sent using Kik’s application ‘Video Kik’.

Ferguson Student Protesters

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Is Your School’s Blocked Words List Capable of Handling Controversial Events?

In order to help protect students and create teachable moments that promote digital citizenship, any educational tool that uses a blocked words list should be able to be updated at a moment’s notice. One example came from the recent events in Ferguson, Missouri.


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Handling Cyberbullying

Unlike traditional bullying, cyberbullying requires no physical venue and isn’t confined to a schoolyard. Incidents of cyberbullying can occur in text messages, email, Facebook posts, chat rooms, and many other ways, at any time of day. New social networks are created quicker than ever, and with the debut of every new network comes a new...


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Social Network Spotlight: YouTube

YouTube is the leading social network for sharing and consuming videos. Users are able to view video content created by anyone in the world, and can upload their own videos for the world to see.


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Social Network Cheat Sheet on How to Report Cyberbullying

Responsible educators should be aware of how to deal with situations as they arise. Sometimes the best way to put an end to online abuse is to report, block or ban the user. Take a look at this list of popular social networks and a guide to reporting abuse.


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Should Schools be Responsible for Tackling Cyberbullying?

Before the internet, bullying could be dealt with where it occurred. Teachers and administrators could deal with bullying and discipline during the school day while parents would take over in the evenings and on weekends. It was simple to manage where the issues should be dealt with. Now that cyberbullying has become a real concern...


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Social Network Spotlight: Twitter

Twitter is the king of what is know as “microblogging.” Tweets are comprised of 140 characters, can contain links, images and videos, and can be shared publicly or to a chosen group privately.


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Social Network Spotlight: Snapchat

Snapchat is a unique photo sharing social network. Users are able to send photos and videos that “expire” in a chosen amount of time. The app is based around a friend list where users can send and receive photos and videos either publicly or privately.