Answers to 3 Popular, Last Minute E-Rate Form 471 Deadline Questions

The Form 471 deadline is fast approaching (Wed., March 26, 2014). Don’t wait until next week to file your Form 471 if your Form 470 28-day waiting period has passed and your vendors have been selected/contracts signed.

Here are answers to three of the most popular questions asked by even E-rate veterans.

1) Can I sign a multi-year contract longer than three years?

Yes. E-rate rules do not limit an applicant on the length of a contract.

2) What do I do if I submitted my Form 471 early, but noticed that my enrollment/National School Lunch Program (NSLP) data doesn’t match my department of education’s data?

If you submitted your Form 471 before new NSLP data was released and you now see that your Block 4 data is different than the newly released state data, don’t worry. If your figures don’t match state data, but it doesn’t change the building’s E-rate discount, there’s no reason to change the data.

3) I have a bill that contains both telecom and Internet (data) services. Do I need two separate Funding Request Numbers (FRNs)?

No. If you have a bill or contract that contains both telecom and Internet (data) services, you can combine those services on a single funding request under the Telecom Category for administrative convenience. However, you will need to break out those services on your Item 21 attachments to show exactly what services you’re receiving; for instance, 20 cellular voice lines and 10 cellular voice and data plans.