Afraid of Another #Snowpocalypse? Use Your LMS to Stay Connected

Snow days are typically fun for students. But when they pile on into the school year, snow days cut into valuable instruction time.

For those living on the East Coast, memories of the 2014 “snowpocalypse” will be difficult to forget. Fortunately, for educators who call any place prone to big snowstorms home, there are a number of ways to use your learning management system (LMS) to facilitate instruction and coursework in the event of multiple snow days.

Video Lectures
Put together a short video of the concepts you want your students to learn and post it in your LMS for easy access. Give guided examples and provide practice questions for students to walk through as they watch. Be sure not to make the video too long so you don’t lose their attention.

Discussion Boards
Although the experience online isn’t quite the same as a live discussion, you can utilize discussion boards to encourage deeper thought about the video lecture. Start with 2-3 questions related to the lecture and encourage students to answer the questions and reply to some of their peers’ responses.

Assignment Submissions
In addition to allowing students to consume information, an LMS should also allow students to submit assignments. Once students watch the lecture and participate in the discussion board, they’re likely ready to attempt an actual assignment related to the topic. Create a practice assignment students can complete. Feel free to get creative with assignment types and consider allowing students the option to submit video responses.

Snow days don’t have to cause a huge interruption to instruction and classroom time. Consider making your LMS work for you and your students so valuable time isn’t lost.

What other ways have you used your LMS to help provide instruction during snow days?