Advice for Making a Safe Digital Leap in Your School District

Taking the digital leap can be a very exciting time. But before taking the deep dive, there are some precautions to take to assure student safety.

CIPA, the Children’s Internet Protection Act, was enacted to protect children from encountering obscene or harmful content. Everyone should be familiar with CIPA, especially when selecting digital content for your classrooms. Here are a few ways to ensure the jump into the digital world is safe for your students.

Adopt a safety policy
Determine how you will manage student’s access to the Internet and how you will restrict their access to inappropriate content. Your safety policy should also include how you handle unauthorized access (hacking) and how you manage student and teacher data.

Choose technology with the proper safety features
Once your policy is in place, make sure your digital tools cover all aspects of it. Select a technology platform that offers added layers of safety such as 24/7 monitoring and filtering. In addition, your Learning Management System  should be CIPA compliant to ensure students can learn in a safe environment.

Have the right conversations
Inquire about safety management features before solidifying a technology partner. Choose a partner that is just as concerned with student safety as you are. In addition, there are also some important conversations to have with your internal team. Gather members of your IT team to discuss any safety concerns and address them.