A Sneak Peek Inside Gaggle’s Next UI

Technology changes so fast that sometimes it can be hard to keep up. Changing the look of an entire user interface (UI) isn’t a quick and easy thing to do, but we realize it’s time for a Gaggle makeover.

Gaggle employees spent the past few months using our Next UI, getting to know the new interface, helping to find bugs (so you don’t), and suggesting changes and enhancements. Now, a group of power users are beta testing the Next UI as it moves closer to its launch this summer. These teachers and their students will put the Next UI through the paces of real classroom use and provide important feedback to our developers.

While most of Gaggle’s student learning tools will remain functionally the same, there will be some key differences. Here’s a preview of what to expect.

  • The entire user experience is more streamlined and simple to use as we’ve removed some of the unnecessary clutter that you’ve told us about.
  • New categories allow you to filter the Digital Lockers by docs, pictures, or by class, while a new preview feature means you can see the selected file before it’s shared or downloaded.
Class Pages Next UI

Class Pages in Gaggle’s Next UI.

  • When selecting email addresses, the auto-fill feature includes thumbnails of users’ profile pictures, making it easy to choose the correct person(s).
Email Next UI

Email in Gaggle’s Next UI.

  • GaggleTube displays an entire page of video thumbnails with their titles and authors so you can see up to 20 at a time.
GaggleTube Next UI

GaggleTube in Gaggle’s Next UI.

  • The Assignment Drop Box list displays the entire assignment, including any GaggleTube videos and attachments, plus a button that tells you how many submissions have been received.
Assignment Drop Box Next UI

Assignment Drop Boxes in Gaggle’s Next UI.

Honestly, there are just too many cool new features to cover here, but to get you even more excited, here are some comments we heard from our customers who got a Next UI preview at the TCEA Convention & Expo earlier this year.

“I enjoyed exploring the new UI at TCEA and can’t wait to move over to this updated version of my favorite student email/social media app. It’s easy to navigate through the menu and the interface pairs nicely with the iPad app.” – Michelle Lyles, Fort Bend ISD

“We loved the new user interface! I believe that this update will be the push we need for our teachers and students to totally integrate Gaggle into their classrooms. The look and feel is more user-friendly and the Google elements will ease the switch. We are excited to roll it out in our district!” – Heather Kilgore, Commerce ISD

“The redesign of navigation brings a fresh and modern look to an amazing suite of applications. You can’t roll it out soon enough for me!” – Chris Skinner, El Campo ISD