8 Excel Tips and Tricks for Teachers and Students

Students and teachers might not need to know how to create extremely complex formulas using Excel, but here are some little-known tricks that could prove quite helpful.

blue oneTrack Grades
With adaptive and personalized tools taking up more space in the classroom, there’s more responsibility on students to keep up with their progress. Empower students to track their grades in Excel. All the work can be done in an Excel GPA template.

blue twoKeep the Zero
In Excel, if you enter a number that begins with zero, the zero is dropped by default. The most common way to keep the zero is to change the cell formatting. But you can also just enter a quotation mark before the zero and that will do the trick.

blue threeSelect All
Ever paid attention to that little box in the left corner of the spreadsheet? It’s right on top of Row 1 and to the left of Column A. Click that box to select the entire spreadsheet. Now you can adjust all of the column sizes at once by moving the cursor to the preferred width.

blue fourSurvey the Masses
Excel offers a unique survey tool that allows teachers and students to collect data and keep it all organized. The survey tool is only available in Excel Online, but it allows students to add their questions and compile data in real time as people complete the survey.

blue fiveMove a Column
When you want to reorganize your data, instead of starting from scratch or trying to copy and paste, highlight the entire column and then hover your mouse over it. Once you see the cursor change to the crossed arrow, pick your column up and put it down wherever you like.

blue sixJump Around
When you have a large amount of data, scrolling can become monotonous and even frustrating. If you need to jump from one section of your data to the next, use the Control key and the Arrow key in the direction you want to jump. For example, if you want to get to the very bottom, use Control and the down arrow key.

blue sevenCreate a Combo Chart
Excel can come in handy when it’s time to start charting and graphing, but maybe you want to do more than a basic graph. There’s a variety of chart and graph templates already available, including a Combo category that allows you to combine multiple subsets of data.

blue eightFreeze Panes
Another issue you might run into when you have a large amount of data is losing your headers at the top or on the side of a worksheet. Use the “Freeze Panes” option in the top toolbar to lock rows or columns so you can scroll through your data and still see your headers.