7 Questions: Does Your School or District Website Measure Up?

When parents, students and community members are searching for information, your website is likely the first place they go. But what if your website isn’t providing them what they need? Here are seven questions to perform a quick assessment. 

#1: Is your website inviting to new families?

#2: Does the website answer the most common questions parents typically call you about?

#3: Is it clear to parents how to access their children’s grades?

#4: Is the website mobile friendly for both tablets and smartphones?

#5: Do you provide regular updates on school news and important dates?

#6: Is there any outdated material on the website?

#7: Are you incorporating the use of social media?

If you’ve answered no to some of these questions, it might be a good idea to make some changes to your website. Your website should be a great tool to answer some of the most common questions parents ask. Additionally, your website can instill added confidence in what the you offer so parents feel good about their choice to send their children to your school.