6 Must-Visit Websites For Every Elementary Educator

Teachers have plenty of places to go to enhance pedagogy. Sometimes, having too many choices can make the task of finding online resources a bit challenging. We’ve done some curation for you and picked out our top websites for elementary school educators.


This website is managed by the National Council of Teachers of Mathematics. Some of the resources available include brain teasers (which are incredibly addicting), online games and lesson plans. The lesson plans also include Common Core standards.

Inside Mathematics

Inside Mathematics takes solving math equations to the next level by encouraging students to apply critical thinking skills. A problem of the month section is dedicated specifically to this effort. The website also has assessments for grades 2-5 that are directly tied to Common Core standards.

PBS Learning Media

PBS Learning Media takes everything you’ve likely seen on PBS and puts it online for you to use in the classroom. Find clips from any of the PBS learning shows to share in the classroom to enhance the learning experience. The clips are organized by subject matter and also come with support activities.


Reading and writing have always gone hand in hand, and reading comprehension falls right into the mix. This website has a variety of prompts that range in length from five minutes to full multi-week writing projects. The writing prompts are tied to the reading and are designed specifically to encourage critical thinking.


Everyone knows the Scholastic name. The Scholastic website has a variety of different resources to include lesson plans and an educator’s blog filled with innovative ideas for the classroom. All of the resources are organized by grade level and subject area. And the reading and language arts lessons can also be tied into other subject areas.

Smithsonian Education

Turn your students into researchers while they sift through interviews, historical documents and photographs. There are lesson plans available in all of the core areas. And best of all, there’s a field trip tab for ideas for off-campus experiences.

Now, of course, this isn’t nearly all of the resources available online. Share your useful websites in the comments section below.

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