6 Exciting Ways to Use Technology to Engage Your Students

Engaging students of any age is often easier said than done. Still, when you engage students, it’s much simpler for them to carve out their learning paths towards knowledge retention.

Integrating technology into the classroom is an excellent way to heighten engagement. Here are six ways to keep your students engaged:

shutterstock_136558250 [Converted]Track digital footprints
Start by illustrating the importance of digital citizenship. If students don’t know how to communicate online, they could have a world of trouble ahead of them. Incorporate the use of social media, but make sure to use tools that also are compliant with CIPA, COPPA, and FERPA and have built-in safety controls like the ones found in Gaggle Safety Management.

shutterstock_136558250 [Converted]Encourage collaboration
Pair collaboration with group work or team projects. Use the tools in your learning management system (LMS)such as chat and discussion boards, to give students additional opportunities to engage with each other.

shutterstock_136558250 [Converted]Drop the pen and paper
While this might seem like a difficult task, particularly for disciplines that require extensive writing like English or reading, consider allowing students to blog. Use a blogging tool native to your LMS and encourage students to maintain a blog that requires daily or weekly entries.

shutterstock_136558250 [Converted]Use videos
This one sounds simple, but incorporating video into your curriculum takes a bit more work than just finding something on YouTube. Also, make sure you’re using a tool that ensures the videos are safe to watch, including not only the video content but advertising and the related/suggested videos that often appear alongside them. Here are a few video resources if you need a starting point:

shutterstock_136558250 [Converted]Turn up the music
The classroom is always a great place for music to help students remember foundational concepts or just to take a break. Use Internet music streaming like Spotify, iHeartRadio or Pandora and give students the break they need or to quickly find that tune to help aid in your instruction.

shutterstock_136558250 [Converted]Give an online quiz
Use assessments and quiz functionality inside your LMS to get a good idea of what materials students are retaining so you can tailor classroom instruction to spend on trouble areas.