5 School Website Design Mistakes

With so many priorities on your to-do list, the school website might get pushed to the back page. If you’re one of those educators who don’t have the time or the team to dedicate to your website, here are five specific areas that you, at least, should always be checking.

blue one smallUseless directories
Too often, web page directories of staff or class pages don’t turn up the information visitors are looking for. Regularly test your directories for broken links. If they don’t work, fix them as soon as possible.

green 2 smallPDF calendars
PDF documents scream 1996. They’re flat, not interactive and certainly aren’t mobile friendly. Build and maintain an interactive calendar that’s both useful to visitors and easy to update. Your website provider should be able to integrate your website with an existing Google or Office 365 calendar.

orange 3 smallA “searchless” website
It’s impossible to make every piece of information a visitor wants available on just one web page. You also don’t want tabs and toolbars that turn into long scrolls. Add site search so when all else fails, visitors can enter a search term and quickly find what they need.

yellow 4 smallWeak navigation
Navigation is meant to help your visitors. Offer a simple and sensible path for them to follow. Don’t overwhelm your visitors with a plethora of links to click, and click, and click some more. A best practice is to keep it simple.

pink 5 smallDesktop only

I saved this one for last with the hope that if you forget everything else, you will, at least, remember this tip. More and more of your website visitors use their smartphones or tablets. Consider a responsive web design so that your website adapts to whatever device accesses it.