5 Ways to Make Sure Teachers Don’t Think Your Professional Development Stinks

Professional development isn’t always the most exciting activity for teachers. When it comes to designing PD curriculum, it’s important to keep teachers’ interests in mind to ensure they don’t just go through the motions. If the professional development content isn’t of any value, teachers will walk away from the experience feeling like they’ve wasted their time.

blue one smallUse the same tools
Teachers need consistency. Between revamping curriculum and managing student behaviors (along with everything else), inconsistent delivery of PD can add another layer of frustration. With the same tool, teachers know what to expect and get off on the right foot every time.

green 2 smallHelp identify weaknesses
Most professional development allows instructors to choose the areas they want to work on. But more often than not, people want what they’re already comfortable with. Give teachers a quick assessment to help them identify areas where they’re struggling so they choose the best path for them.

orange 3 smallIncorporate video
Teachers don’t want to be bored. They hope to engage in conversation and learn just like students in their classrooms. Use videos to break up the monotony, especially if you deliver your PD online.

yellow 4 smallSocialize assignments
Learning doesn’t always happen in a classroom setting. Social media and blogs offer valuable opportunities to help teachers refine their skills. Encourage teachers to participate in online conversations and to follow relevant blogs and Twitter accounts to keep up with constant shifts in education.

pink 5 smallDrop anything that doesn’t provide value
Sometimes it’s hard to let things go, but don’t hoard old habits. Identify what isn’t working. Consider surveying a some teachers to get a good idea of what is working for them.