5 Ways to Create a Stronger School Communications Plan

The role of a school district communications professional certainly has evolved over the past decade. While talking to reporters and attending an array of school functions remains a significant part of their responsibilities, social media, and an always-connected school community, has led to an expanded role for these vital members of a school district.

Along with these changes, a strong communications plan has never been more necessary. Consider these tips to help enhance your communications plan and make stronger messages to your school community.

1-2016Eliminate the one man show.
Communication plans sometimes end up being left to one individual as an additional task on top of a laundry list of other duties, which only means less attention to the details. Divide the work among multiple people. Assign responsibilities and create a full communications strategy with a system to support it.

2-2016Mobilize your message.
If your communications aren’t mobile friendly, then you’re likely losing a significant portion of your audience. Make your communications accessible with a mobile strategy that allows your message to adapt to whatever device your audience members use.

3-2016Utilize social media.
The social media landscape is one of the largest news and information sources for both young and old. Don’t limit your communications to traditional email messages and news streams on your website. Incorporate a strategy that includes the social outlets used the most by your school community. Some quick research or even a simple survey can get you the information you need.

4-2016Create a relevant message.
Because everything is mobile, everything is also accessible. There is a constant tug of war for attention these days, and relevancy is the a key to winning that attention and getting your message in front of the right people.

5-2016Make everything “shareworthy.”
Communication is all about storytelling. If it’s worth sharing, your message has the potential to reach the masses. Your messaging should read like an excellent story. And if it does, your audience will share your messages and help you reach your target audience.