5 Ways OneNote Helps Make Digital Lesson-Planning Easy

Teachers who use Office 365 often rave about the great ways that OneNote takes note-taking to new heights. And while the note-taking functionality is quite “noteworthy,” OneNote is also useful for creating digital lesson plans. Here are ways OneNote helps:

blue oneContent Flexibility
There is no limit to the types of content you can upload into your lesson plans. So if you’re itching to use a video to demonstrate the scientific method, upload it right into your lesson plan. Or if you recorded audio of an opera singer you want to share with your music class, drop it in. You can also use links to websites, photos, embedded files and even handwritten notes.

blue twoTags and Highlights
As you add content to your lesson plans, it could become difficult to find what you need in the moments you need it. Use the tagging feature to easily navigate to any of your content. Highlighting also can be helpful to add emphasis to important information included in your lesson plans.

blue threeEmbedded Audio Cues
Share certain portions of your lesson plans with your students for even more efficient instruction. Embed audio cues in the student version of your plans to help guide them through the content. This can be helpful when flipping your classroom so students have some audio instruction at home.

blue fourShared Notebooks
Collaborate with other teachers on your lesson plans by sharing notebooks. Working with other teachers improves creativity and innovation and is a great way to spark new ideas.

blue fiveThe World Wide Web
Bring websites and all of the many resources into your lesson plans and make them accessible to your students. You can include blogs, wikis and even online journals and add even more to your resource library for your students. The more resources you make available, the more places students have to explore concepts outside of the classroom during their study time.

Bring your lesson plans alive and spend less time starting from scratch and more time innovating. By exploring the possibilities with digital lesson plans in OneNote, you’ll wonder how you ever made it without them.