5 Ways Office 365 Can Benefit Student Learning

Office 365 broadens the capacity for learning, offering on-demand access to documents and projects, and provides students new and creative outlets to learn both inside and outside of the classroom. Let’s explore some of the many ways that Office 365 can help students and teachers.

blue one smallOn-the-go updates for “Just-in-time Learning”
Office 365 offers the opportunity for users to make changes and updates to documents from anywhere, at any time. In our uber-socialized culture, students are used to the notion of being connected at all times. With Office 365, this means students can add thoughts to an essay draft or make changes to a PowerPoint slide at the very moment a new idea comes to them.

green 2 smallOpening doors to availability
At the K-12 level, there is always concern about the openness and availability of certain technology because all students don’t have access to the same types of resources. Office 365 helps to bridge the gap by providing an option for students who don’t have access to premium versions of Microsoft Office on their home computers.

orange 3 smallCollaboration at its best
There’s just no way to get around assigning group projects because teamwork and collaboration are required student skills. With Office 365’s collaborative tools, projects will have more structure, allowing small groups to work on their projects at various times throughout the day. Instructors can also participate by adding comments and notes to assignments for added feedback.

yellow 4 smallThe perfect ePortfolio
The OneNote app makes it easy to build and track an ePortfolio. The app supports a variety of formats for text, audio, video and even drawing and handwriting. This means you can encourage more creativity from your students. Bring your ePortfolios to life with Office 365 and the OneNote app.

pink 5 smallEndless opportunities for communicating and sharing
We’ve already established that just about everything in our culture is on the go. Well, why not have learning function in a similar way? Office 365 allows you to extend communication opportunities for both students and teachers. With instant messaging and video conferencing, you can take your learning conversations to new heights. Students will love the opportunity to use familiar tools for communicating with their peers and teachers.