5 Ways for Teachers to Communicate With Parents This Year

Parent communication remains a huge factor for student success. Gone are the days when the telephone was the only way to contact parents. And actually, the telephone is likely no longer parents’ preferred method of communication with a school. For parents who do prefer phone calls, it’s important to respect that request, but for other parents who are open to a variety of contact methods, there are many other ways to keep the lines of communication open.

blue one smallWebsites 
A website or class page is a great way to keep parents informed without needing to send out individual updates. Your class website can be the source for parents to find out information about homework assignments, important dates as well as resources that students can use with their parents at home to stay on track.

green 2 smallEmail
Email is a great option for sending class updates or for sending individual updates to parents. Many parents get their email on their phones, so email can be a great tool for just-in-time communication.

orange 3 small

Text Messaging
Text messages are another form of just-in-time communication. Some teachers may not be sold on this as an option for privacy reasons, but there are ways around giving your personal number out and still being able to send text messages. SMS Text tools allow you to send messages without sharing your number, which means immediate contact with your parents when you need it the most.

yellow 4 smallBlogs
If you’re looking for a way to invite parents into your classroom, then a blog is the way to go. While your class website can be the source of high-level information, a class blog can provide daily updates on what’s happening inside the classroom. Students can take turns sharing blog posts while parents can enjoy their children’s creativity.

pink 5 smallPublic Calendars
If your school hosts events throughout the year, such as parent-teacher conferences, father-daughter dances, and other events you would expect from a school, using a public calendar is one way to make sure all parents are aware of what’s coming up.

Communicating with parents is as important as ever. As technology inside the classroom continues to evolve, ways to connect with parents will also change. What other ways are you communicating with parents?