5 Tips to Keep Your School or District Website Up to Date

If your school or district’s website isn’t up to date, visitors likely won’t be back. The result? More of the same phone calls and email messages sent to school or district offices, taking staff away from their work. Here are a few tips for you to keep in mind when evaluating your school’s website.

blue one smallCreate an editorial team. Instead of leaving the task of managing the website to one person, consider splitting up what needs to get done across a group of people with an interest in managing some portion of the website.

green 2 smallMake clear expectations. Once you have a solid team, assign roles and responsibilities, so expectations are clear to everyone. Create deadlines. Don’t shy away from setting deadlines and hold team members to those deadlines.

orange 3 smallBuild a schedule. Some areas of your website only need to be updated annually, while others may need weekly updates. Create a schedule for the various sections of your website based on the specific content that needs to be updated annually, quarterly, weekly, and yes, even daily.

yellow 4 smallDesignate a cleanup crew. If your website still has announcements for events that happened last month, it’s time to clean it up. Assign a task to someone on your team who can be responsible for looking through the website for any old material and remove it promptly.

pink 5 small

Invite feedback. A lot of work goes in to maintaining a website, don’t let that effort go to waste. Check in with your visitors to determine if the website is helpful to them. Offer opportunities for parents and teachers to provide feedback.

These five tips can help ensure your website remains up to date without placing any extra burden on you or your staff.