5 Tips for Administrators on How to Write Engaging School Blog Posts

You thought the idea of starting a blog was a good one. You had all the right intentions. But the last time you checked, your most recent post was from more than six months ago. Oops. Try using these tips to ensure that your blog stays up to date and engaging.

blue one smallKnow where the conversation is taking place
You don’t need to come up with something brand new each time you post, but make sure you’re adding value to your readers. Research what the hot topics are and the various points of view. Whenever possible, present a unique perspective than what’s already floating around.

green 2 smallWrite a headline that stands out
No one reads anything with a dull or boring title. It’s just that simple.

orange 3 smallBreak up your posts into palatable pieces
It’s so easy to say that no one reads anymore, but the truth is many of us no longer consume content the way we used to. Long blog posts with sentence-filled paragraphs are a turn-off. Use subtitles and short paragraphs to help your readers get to the relevant points.

yellow 4 smallThink of an essay, but don’t be an essay
Try not just to sit down and start typing away without any organization. Use the writing concepts taught in your classrooms. Begin with an outline and set up your main point and your supporting ideas.

pink 5 smallSay goodbye
Staying on the topic of organization, when writing your posts, don’t leave off a conclusion. Offer a closing point or an action item for readers to take.

By keeping these five tips in mind, you’ll be on your way to consistently engaging your readers.