5 Reasons to Replace Your School Newsletter with a Blog

Whether it’s sharing report card dates, holiday performances or parent-teacher conferences, there’s plenty of information that has to be disseminated to parents. Oftentimes, the preferred method is a school newsletter. And while newsletters have served their purpose quite well in the past, it’s time to consider using a blog instead. Need some reasons?

blue one smallConvenience
Technology has (and continues to) change the way we live our lives, and anything not available on the go is at risk of getting left behind. Transitioning your school newsletter to a blog means parents can access the information from anywhere at any time.

green 2 smallFluidity
Things change. With a newsletter, there aren’t many options for sending updates other than white out or reprinting the newsletters with updates and corrections. Having a blog allows you to provide updates and new information in real time without disrupting previous notifications.

orange 3 smallRelevance
Anyone who has ever written a newsletter knows formatting can be a pain. You have to organize the information in such a way that it takes up appropriate space on the page, and when you have just a little too much information—or not enough—you have problems. Instead of trying to figure out how to add irrelevant information just to fill the page, you can update the blog with what parents need to know at the time.

yellow 4 smallCost
Paper and ink aren’t free. Even if you’re printing your newsletter on an office copy machine, it comes at a cost. You can ditch all printing costs once you start using a blog in place of your school newsletter.

pink 5 smallCreativity
Sometimes because of the hefty cost to print, newsletter end up being boring, simple, black and white sheets of information. If you’re lucky, you can print them on colored paper. You will likely not miss your colored paper when you realize the endless possibilities with a blog. Not only can you play with color and images, you can also incorporate the use of video and high res photos.

With a blog, you can share the URL with parents and suggest they subscribe to the blog for email updates. A blog will open up many opportunities for you to exchange information with parents and even your community.